Wildwood Farm is a destination facility that breeds, raises, trains and markets prospects for the Sport Horse Disciplines. We offer boarding to all horses who want to be a part of one our exceptional programs:

It is never too soon to start your young horse on the path of success, and this program is the first building block of a successful life together. Horses of all ages can benefit from Foundation Training. Watch Quinton work a young horse.

Many horses have had a rough start or have developed undesirable habits that most amateur owners find difficult to fix. Our exceptional trainers are well-skilled in turning these horses around and work closely with their owners to assure good habits are developed and maintained. This program is a minimum of 90 days.

Many riders have a good feel for their horse, but want to be part of a regular lesson program to assure their skills stay in tune. This program includes basic boarding with 4 lessons per month.

The resident trainers at Wildwood Farm have extensive experience showing horses and training others to show horses. Take advantage of their skill sets and winning record by placing your horse at Wildwood Farm and watch you and your horse transform. Included with this training package is a lesson once a week with you the rider and your horse.

The facility supports all types of equine rest and rehab, including complete stall rest all the way to large pasture turn-out. Our facility boasts the safest V-Mesh fencing and our paddocks and pastures are groomed and maintained regularly to assure your horse is in the healthiest environment. Larger stalls are available for those horses needing stall rest and we have trained horsemen on staff to take care of any hand-walking or other special requirements needed.

The staff and trainers at Wildwood Farm specialize in the care and conditioning of horses in preparation for sale. This program is scalable, from simple physical conditioning & grooming to initial evaluations and specialized discipline training. This program requires a minimum of 90 days.

Wildwood Farm offers expert foaling services and one of the most peaceful, pampered experiences your mare will ever know. From large, heated foaling stalls and lush pastures with the safest fencing, to an unmatched nutritional program and educated staff, your mare will have the best opportunity for a safe and healthy foal. We do require your mare arrives a minimum of 60 days prior to her foaling date to assure a minimum of stress. be sure to reserve your spot early as there is limited room.

“Horses are amazing companions in that they can inspire greatness in ourselves, cause us to realize undiscovered potential and create amazing things with that vision; they give their spirit to the place where they live, and remain forever a part of the energy that defines a place, and ultimately our souls.”