Danielle Des Fountain


Danielle’s has broad experience that includes a move to Texas to work for LaCroix Ltd. and trainers Ray LaCroix, Tom Moore, and Rob Bick followed by nine years working for Mitch Sperte of Northstar Show Horses. 

At the end of 1999, Danielle opened her own business offering a lesson program for all riding levels as well as show and pleasure riding horses. She and her riders, many from the lesson program, earned regional and national titles in English, Country, Hunter, and Western Pleasure as well as Park, Show Hack and Side Saddle. 

Many National champions were produced such as LBA Class Action, Afire's Quintina, FS Easter Parade, and Soulful Strut, to name just a few. The joining of Danielle and Quinton into a team pulled together their past successes with horses and riders in and out of the show ring.

Danielle enjoys teaching all disciplines and has brought many riders to the winner's circle at the regional and national level.